CNH DPA5 kit
CNH Electronic Service Tool DPA5 Adapter 380002884 Good Clone

CNH Electronic Service Tool DPA5 Adapter 380002884 Good Clone


This product is a DPA5 adapter diagnostic kit designed specifically for Case Holland mechanical parts, with the number 38000284, suitable for electronic maintenance diagnosis of diesel engines. It integrates advanced diagnostic technology and functions, which can quickly and accurately detect and analyze various faults and problems of diesel engines. By connecting the electronic control unit of the engine, this diagnostic tool can monitor and record the working status and performance parameters of the engine in real time, such as speed, temperature, pressure, etc. At the same time, it can also read and clear fault codes, provide detailed fault diagnosis reports, and help maintenance personnel quickly locate and solve engine faults. This diagnostic kit has high compatibility and stability, and can perfectly match various models of Case Holland mechanical parts, ensuring accurate diagnosis and repair results. Its user-friendly operation interface and powerful functions make it easy for maintenance personnel to get started, and improve maintenance efficiency and work quality. In summary, the DPA5 adapter diagnostic kit 38000284 for Case Holland mechanical parts is an efficient and reliable electronic maintenance diagnostic tool for diesel engines, providing excavator maintenance personnel with a comprehensive diagnostic solution to ensure the normal operation and efficient operation of the engine.

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1. Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 (DAP5 white interface) full New interface for New holland and Case
2. Usb cable
3. New 9-pin Deutsch CNH cable

★Part number:380002884
★Applicable model:Diagnostic Tool For Case Holland Machinery Parts
★Strong compatibility: The DPA5 diagnostic kit can be compatible with various vehicle models and devices, meeting the needs of different users.
★Comprehensive fault diagnosis: DPA5 Diagnostic Kit usually have comprehensive fault diagnosis functions, which can quickly and accurately identify and report equipment problems and faults. This helps to reduce maintenance time and costs, and improve equipment availability.
★Multi language support: DPA5 Diagnostic Kit typically support multiple languages, including English, Chinese, etc., making it easy for users to operate and set according to their own needs.