Cummins ECFG + E2M Files
Cummins Calterm ECFG + E2M Files

Cummins Calterm ECFG + E2M Files


Cummins Calterm is a software application used for calibrating and managing engine control modules (ECMs) in Cummins engines. ECFG and E2M files are associated with Calterm, and they contain configuration and calibration data for Cummins ECMs. These files are crucial for customizing engine parameters and ensuring proper engine performance.

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ECFG Files:

  • ECFG stands for Engine Configuration File. ECFG files store configuration data for a specific engine or ECM. These files are used to define the parameters and settings for the engine’s operation. ECFG files are often unique to specific engine models and configurations.

E2M Files:

  • E2M stands for Electronic Engine Management File. E2M files contain calibration data and settings that fine-tune the engine’s performance. This includes parameters related to fuel injection, turbocharger operation, emissions control, and more. E2M files are used to optimize engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions compliance.

These files are essential for Cummins engine technicians and professionals who work with Cummins engines, as they allow for customization and tuning of engine parameters to meet specific performance and regulatory requirements.