Eaton Service Ranger v4.11
Eaton Service Ranger v4.11

Eaton Service Ranger v4.11


Eaton ServiceRanger 4.11 is a new generation of computer diagnostics and services designed to support all Eaton automated transmissions and hybrid powertrains.Eaton ServiceRanger allows for quick and easy diagnostics of complex problems affecting electronic systems, enabling faster service and shorter down time.

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Eaton Service Ranger 4.11 Function:
• View active and inactive fault codes.
• Create and review service activity reports.
• Service Routines.
• View and edit vehicle configuration parameters.
• View real-time vehicle data parameter values.
• Update vehicle product software.
• View service information for Eaton products.


EATON ServiceRanger 4.11 Supported:
Eaton Auto Shift/UltraShift™Gen2 Transmissions
Eaton Lightning Transmissions
Eaton AutoShift/UltraShift™Gen3 Transmissions
Eaton UltraShift PLUS Transmissions
Eaton Hybrid Electric Systems
Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist
Fuller Advantage™ Series