Mercedes Vediamo v05.01.01 + CBF / DATA / CFF / ODX Files


Vediamo, works with MB star C3 – C4 – C5, is a factory development and engineering tool for Mercedes Benz vehicles. It is capable of doing offline configuration (coding­no SCN needed), flashing, programming control units, changing configuration and match more. You need a pc and star diagnosis diagnostic head D3 to be able to use it. There is nothing more powerful than this soft as its “inside factory” tool not a dealer diagnostic tool.

File Size: 38 Gb
Language: Multi Language
OS: Windows 7 – Windows 10 & 64 bit

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Vediamo is based on the Mercedes-Benz DCDI standard communication platform CAESAR and hence supports all communication hardware such as, e.g., Part C, Part A, Part Y, etc. DIOGNOSTIC data, used by all diagnostics applications in the company and which can be drawn from the central TAMINO data base, can be used as diagnostics data.

Future versions of Vediamo will be set up on the MVCI (ASAM standard) developed by GSP/ODE and will also support the ODX diagnostics data format.

Vediamo Main Functions:
Offline programming
Increase or decrease SA code
Personalized settings control unit parameters

Vediamo Features:
With Vediamo you no longer need to apply online programming or online to change the SA.You can now use Vediamo any offline for car program,setting mode,change the SA code function.