Nexiq eTechnician 2024 v2.10 Diagnostic Software
Nexiq eTechnician v2.10

Nexiq eTechnician v2.10


Nexiq eTechnician v2.10 is a diagnostic software 2024 program used in conjunction with Nexiq hardware devices for performing diagnostics on heavy-duty vehicles and commercial trucks. It provides access to the vehicle’s electronic control modules (ECMs) to read and clear fault codes, view live data, perform bi-directional controls, and more.

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* Read Active Fault Codes
* Read and Clear Inactive Fault Codes Graph Parameters
* Log Fault Codes and Parameters
* Create Log Notes and Save to Vehicle History
* Scans All Electronic Modules On the Vehicle (HDS) Create Custom Parameter Lists (HDS)
* View Engine, Brakes, and Transmission Data (LMT) Includes Generic OBD II (LMT)