Scania SDP3 2.58.1 Trucks


Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) 2.58.1 communicates with Scania until 11.2023 vehicles and industrial and marine engines Scania. The program is designed to ensure that the electrical system in the CAN network. The program is used for Troubleshooting, setting the parameters preferred by the client, performing calibrations, performing upgrades affecting the electrical system, and updating the software of the control units. To use the program requires a PC and VCI. SCANIA VCI2, VCI3 adapter.

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The program supports the following vehicles:
L, P, G, R and S series (2016-)
P, G, R and T series (2003-)
F, K and N series

The program supports the following engines:

Does not support COO8
New Feature
Check wizard for fuel level measurement for the sensor from bodybuilder now also applies to trucks.
Correction of Checking the EGR circuit to verify rectified faults